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My experience and passion for training resulted in the creation, in 2005, of the Academy of Applied Law. Within the framework of its operation as well as working for other training companies I have trained dozens of Polish companies, starting from leading players on the market to medium size commercial entities. Each time the organization of the seminar as well as its substantive content received the highest assessment from its Participants. From 1999 I was also a leading lecturer at courses preparing for government licenses for auditors, tax advisors and chief accountants.

At present, apart from my legal practice as Partner in the Law Firm Drab-Grotowska, Juszczyńska, Achler Sp. p. ( www.dja-legal.pl ) I continue my training activities and choose my Lecturers from the group of the best law practitioners I know.

In small groups and in a comfortable environment, with our own, unique training materials which we provide to our Participants, we organize workshops devoted to a particular area of law, at which every Participant may ask questions and discuss his or her problem with the Lecturer, exchange ideas and make new friends which frequently evolve to become permanent business and social contacts. We ourselves maintain close business as well as social relationships with many of our former Participants.

The group who teach at our seminars includes experienced lawyers who provide legal assistance to highly demanding corporate as well as individual clients on an everyday basis. They impart theoretical as well as practical knowledge by making step by step analyses of the most difficult issues. They help to answer questions of construction and suggest correct solutions without excessively delving into theory. During our classes we try to minimize theoretical considerations and concentrate of real life examples and case studies. We frequently base our training on forms of documents pointing to the risks and consequences from using specific clauses.

We make sure that no question remains unanswered and that the detailed materials provided during the seminars help to consolidate the newly acquired knowledge. Within the framework of each course we offer our clients the ability to send in further questions concerning the subject matter within 7 days after the end of the seminar, if for any reason the question was not asked before. We answer such questions as soon as practicable.

What distinguishes us is that we are not a typical training company which only organizes training, but since we are lecturers ourselves, we combine the role of organizers and lecturers, and when preparing a seminar we know better than anyone else how to adjust the program, organization and materials to the subject matter as well as the needs of our Participants. We organize seminars on numerous aspects of law, but the most prominent areas of our offer include training related to commercial contracts in domestic as well as cross-border transactions, the liability of members of management boards and supervisory boards, labour law, widely understood corporate and civil law and public procurement law.

We encourage potential Participants to contact us directly and to make use of this unique professional development path.

Monika Drab-Grotowska

tel.: + 48 22 628 33 79

e-mail: sekretariat@dja-legal.pl